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Zombite is Xaxon's Mindrone (a species from the planet Anur Raanos) form. He appears as a staggering zombie with bluish skin. He has two yellow, pupil-less eyes, although one is mostly covered by a torn blue headband. His legs are oddly shaped; one foot is limp, so as he walks, it drags on the ground. His arms are thin, with parts of his bones exposed. He is remarkably human-like, but is partially deformed. His head is a bluish version of a human's head with silverish spikes on the top; they are closely spaced, resembling spiky hair. He wears a torn blue shirt and green jacket. Part of his spine is exposed, as are his femur, ankle, and wrist. His Protomnitrix Symbol is on the headband he wears, solidifying that it is fused to him.

Zombite, along with Eternal, Transtrain, and Glassblower, is one of Xaxon's most preferred forms


As a Mindrone, Zombite can expand his mouth enough to devour entire galaxies, send out psychic waves which become jaws and devour whatever they close around, sink into the ground and emerge with ease, and survive incredible injuries which would kill most other species. In addition, Zombite can remove his own head (thanks to an injury from the Mindrone his DNA was taken from) and throw it. The head retains the powers of the rest of the body, and the body can function well without the head.


  • In case anyone is wondering, the author would like to note that he created the name Mindrone years before "Huntik: Secrets and Seekers" was aired. He would also like to note that he created a roleplay for a game almost exactly like Huntik, again years before Huntik aired. This p***es off the author immensely.
  • Zombite is basically a zombie Kakashi Hatake of Naruto. The author would like to acknowledge this so he doesn't get his bum isn't sued.

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