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Zanze is a Plizanzer, a combination being made of both Ditto and an Energy Being. She was created during an error in an early prototype of the Omnitrix, she even wears the prototype on her wrist. She has no idea what the prototype does, and so she leaves it alone.

Her species name is a combination of multiplizieren (the German word for Multiply) and Panzer (the German word for tank)

She speaks in a German accent, and says Sieg (German for victory)in place of victory or win/


Simmilar to Ditto, except her markings are gray instead of green. She also usually has claws made of energy surrounding her hands.


Energy Attacks

  • Energy Claws
  • Energy Blade
  • Energy Shot
  • Spherical Energy Shield

Ditto Abilities

  • Multiplication/Duplication


  • Hindsight (a form of ESP that isn't specific on when the foreseen event will occur.)


  • Like Ditto, she has very weak melee skills, though energy being skills make up for this.
  • Hindsight is very limited, and she could try to avoid an attack that won't come until much later and run into a current attack.
  • Her energy being side will sometimes attempt to become it's pure energy form. It will not work, due to not being a complete energy being. It will, however, make a large electromagnetic pulse that will stun her and anyone within a small radius of her momentarily.

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