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Zak is Xaxon's Homo Sapien Sapien (a species from the planet Earth) form. He appears as a...well....a human. He is a human with dark blonde hair a bit longer than Ben's. He wears a shirt like Ben's lucky t-shirt from his first days with the Omnitrix, but long-sleeved and with a black X pattern rather than a T pattern. His Protomnitrix Symbol is on his wrist, covered by the shirt.

Unlike most of Xaxon's aliens, Zak seems to age in real time, just as a normal human would. In his most recent appearance, he has shoulder-length brown hair (styled similarly to Kevin's), a blue jacket with a red X on it, a white T-shirt, a blue baseball cap with a red bill, a pair of black pants with blue pipeline patterns, and a pair of large black shoes. His symbol did not change position, however.


As a human, Zak can do very little. Zak is normally only used for undercover purposes.


  • Zak is remarkably unremarkable.
  • Zak's name comes from the first syllable of Xaxon (ZAK-sawn).

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