Yukina Tennos is a character in Ryuki Tennos:Operation Z.

Appearance & BiodataEdit

She is a miko who works at Yukiten Shrine. She usually wears a cyan & white kimono when working, and wears a pink top,a red and yellow belt and blue denim jeans when shes going somewhere else. She dates Shimizu Kururugi. It should be noted that she is half human/half Yukionna. She has 5 weapons in Season 2: a Saigu-Yumi(a priestess bow),a cluster of Hamayu(miko arrows), cryokinesis, sutras in her kimono and sutra beads when shes wearing her normal.


She is serious, responsible but bossy. Due to this, she has a complex love-hate relationship with her cousin, Ryuki Tennos.She, being part Yukionnan, despises all Yamaubans, and her rival is a Yamauban named Mikohime, which translates as Miko Princess.

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