The Xopentrix is almost the same as the Omnitrix.But it has a couple different features.First off,it's a different color:Its baby blue instead of green also it doesn't need to charge, it uses the energy that it gives to the host..meaning that it gives Ark energy to the host to discharge at will at any time. Once it's attached it implants a unlimited supply of Ark energy.Second,it has all of the Ben 10 Omnitrix Aliens at once but reversed colors.When Azmuth said that there is only one he lied he actually made a group of them including:The Uplisontrix,Sevinetrix,Betatrix,and the Divnetrix.The host is Alex 10,000 a 12 year old that has eminse powers.He also meets Ben 10 Gwen and Kevin.The Xopentrix has a lot of features like:Alex figured out the Time lock so he is able to be a alien for as long as he wants but he's not able to change at will in regular form only in Hero Mode.Also,Alex doesn't get the aliens in sets of 10.Unlike the Omnitrix the Xopentrix doesn't use pictures on the face it uses holograghs like in Alien Force.It was made on the planet Kinet.The following Xopentrix Aliens:Chill(Big Chill)

Flame Blast(Heat Blast) Black Matter(Grey Matter)Nano(Upgrade) WildCat(WildMutt)XLR8(XLR8)WildFire(SwampFire)Freeze(Artiguana)Gloop(Goop)Splitter(Ditto)Echo(EchoEcho)Shock(Buzzshock) Bolt(Cannonbolt)Chroma(Chromastone)Crystalhead(Diamondhead)TetraHulk(Fourarms)StinkHulk(Stinkarms)CrystalMatter(DiamondMatter)Ray(JetRay)FlameRipper(HeatJaws)Upchuck(Upchuck)SuperBig(WayBig)Vine(WildVine)AlienZ(AlienX)BigFly(StinkFly)Humoguzard(Humongusaur).It also gives the host powers to duplicate and shape shift.The Xopentrix is able to change colors such as white.Also,any alien that is seen the host can change into. When wanted the Xopentrix can transform into the Twilightrix.

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