XLRWolf is a Kineceloboan from the planet Kinet Lobo.



Xlrwolf looks a lot like Benwolf. The only difference is that XlrWolf is mainly black, has blue arms, long fingers, balls under his feet, a striped tail, the fin on the back of his head, & the omnitrix symbol is on his chest.


Kineceloboans are very strong, flexible, & fast. Their claws can cause a lot of damage, & their howl can destroy buildings easily. Kineceloboans can lift about 500 pounds, & run up to over 500mph.


Some of their weaknesses are liquids, stronger opponents, & sticky substences.


  • Kineceloboans are a fusion of Benwolf and Xlr8.
  • This also goes for their planet.

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