Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf is a Vulpiloboan from the planet Vulpin Lobo.


Wild Wolf looks like wildmutt. The only differences are the front claws, head, mouth, brown fur, and Benwolf's outfit.


Vulpiloboans can run very fast. They possess incredible athletic ability and heightened sense of smell, hearing, and taste (but no sight). The quills on their backs can pick up the slightest movement. They pick up air flow, heat source, etc. The quills are even said to be able to pick up fear. They also possess the ability to shoot their quills off like projectiles. Vulpiloboans' claws are very destructive, and their howls can easily destroy buildings.


Their weaknesses are:

  • Stronger opponents
  • Use their own unique language
  • Vulnurable to strong smells and loud noises


  • Vulpiloboans are a fusion of Wildmutt and Benwolf.
  • The same goes for their planet.

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