Species Name Wichiden
Home Planet Albiotin(inside the dimension of Bezel)
First Appearance "A Witchy Greeting" 
Appearance Humanoid
Abilities Can use Air,Hypnotising,Levitation.
Registered in Omnitrix? No,but will appear as an unused alien in Ben 10:Planet Saviours.
Notable Wichiden Charmcaster,Splendora,Hex.
          Wichiden are a race of aliens that are the rivals of the Anodites.They look humanoid,and the only way to differ them from humans are their age.They are very old and keep their youth throughout their lives.They use Air,a never ending force to fight.The power is invisible.But,if you can see it,it would be blue.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Wichiden can hypnotise people.They can also levitate by using Air.

Trivia Edit

  • The charms of Bezel were made by them.Oddly,they mentioned they made the Keystones too,but there was only one set of them,while all Wichiden have the charms.
    • Also,the Wichiden that fell to Earth lose teir charms in space.

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