AlphaRay sees the NinjaKlan killing slowpoke at the well, so he tries to save them. Marc appears and he say's that Ray just might be a hereo after all. When hearing this, Ray transforms into ApeStorm and Makes it rain to flood the city proveing that he hasn't changed at all.



  • ApeStorm

Name: Ape-Storm

Powers: Flight (by making a small tornado go under him), can countrol the weather, super streanth and flexiblity.

Apperance: black fur with grey skin on hsi hands, feet, and mouth area, but the fur changes with what ever weather is happening ( white when snowing, grey if storming, and light blue if raining), has a lightning shaped scar over his left eye, his eyes are bright blue, has large hands and feet, looks ape-like, has a fancy jumpsuit on him, a strange machine on his back, and also gloves on his hands, the alpha trix symbol is on his left shoulder.

Weakness: can't always countrol his powers.


I Knew it! you are a hereo!- Marc

Please, i am the last true villian, i only did that becouse those slowpoke were in my way- Ray

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