Unojo Cria tura is a large cyclops race of alien. They have brown skin and one large eye with a black pupil in the middle of their head. They have a small pony-tail. They usually wear brown pelts.

Abilities Edit

The Unojo Criatura are incredibly strong. They can lift 50 times their own weight. They also have extremly strong skin and can understand any animal.

Strengths Edit

Unojo Criatura are very strong and sturdy, having almost stone like skin.

Weakness Edit

They are weak against the cold weather, due to their skin chapping up. When it is cold they are slow, weaker and barely able to move their muscles.

Planet Edit

The Unojo Criatura live on Vulpin, the home of Vulpimancers.

Trivia Edit

. Unojos Criatura is Latin for "One Eye Cerature"

. They are said to be rivals of Tetramands.

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