The Ultimatrix Infinity is a more powerful version of the omnitrix. It starts with 15 aliens, but more can be obtained.



Omnitrix Z

Omnitrix Z before upgrade

The Omnitrix Z is almost identical to the Ultimatrix except the tubes are a light shade of blue and the symbol is dark-ish blue not green. However, when it becomes the Ultimatrix Infinity, it becomes much slicker and returns to the green colour.


  • Green - Active/Recharge Mode : The default Ultimatrix Infinity mode, when the alien selection interface can be used. Also when there is no time left, the Ultimatrix Infinity changes the user back into a human and it flashes green.
  • Red - S.D.M. Self Destruct Mode: When the Ultimatrix Infinity was set to S.D.M. (Self-Destruct Mode). This mode also has a timer, which is also in tune with voice commands. Unlike all the other modes while in S.D.M. all of the Ultimatrix turns red, not only the face. Also when radiation is detected the Ultimatrix dial flashes red.
  • Yellow - Scan Mode: When foreign DNA not in the Codon Stream is near the Ultimatrix Infinity, it closes its main features (probably because the capabilties of the alien is unknown therefore no one knows what it could do to the Ultimatrix Ininity) until the foreign DNA is scanned. When a new DNA sample is acquired, the Ultimatrix Infinity shows a picture of almost every alien the user has in possession. When a new DNA is scanned the Ultimatrix either pops out and shoots out a yellow light from the black and yellow part or doesn't pop out but cicles and then reveals a hole which shoots out the yellow light. When in alien form, the Ultimatrix Infinity shoots out a yellow beam from the dial.
  • Reset Mode: When the Ultimatrix is in Reset Mode, the user can change various things such as color interface (Albedo's Red dial and eyes), add a timer, create a feedback to anyone if needed, send information to Azmuth, turn on the command codes, or master control, scan the proximity for new alien DNA, and even stop the S.D.M. from destroying the universe if on charge for several days. This Mode includes taking off the Ultimatrix. This mode can be accesed by the voice command Ultimatrix Reset Mode Code 10 or pressing and holding the Ultimatrix dial while a desired alien for 2 seconds.


The Ultimatrix Infinity (Known as the Infinitrix by Max) has many different uses.

  • Can turn the wielder into the chosen alien through a wireless link to the Codon Stream
  • Has about a million or more alien species, DNA samples accesible once scanned
  • Creates energy blasts that can burn through almost anything.
  • Protects alien DNA samples
  • Sends out nano-drones when fighting aliens and scans there DNA, making it usable to the wielder.
  • Heals wielders injuries
  • Can create 'Ultimate' versions of aliens
  • Contains Self-Destruct mode, however safe guard stops the universe being ripped apart
  • Translates the languages of all aliens
  • Comtains Capture mode, allowing that alien to be usable by the wielder
  • Master controls accessible at all times
  • Projects holograms of aliens so wielder can quickly recognise the alien
  • Has Artificial Intelligence which sometimes turns the wielder into a different alien than the chosen one to suit the situation
  • Can scan and measure radiation levels
  • Voice command systems
  • With the right code, the modification system can be accessed, so the wielder can change alien costumes, alien selector colour and the way aliens speak.
  • Another code allows the user to change the green colour on the outer layer to suit their clothes/personality.
  • Reset mode: Can be used in an emergency to reset it. If used all aliens except the original 15 become inaccessible
  • Override function: The wielder can use this just before the Ultimatrix is stolen so that a mental link remains. The mental link lets the original wielder override the new wielders choices.
  • It can be used as a communicator, tapping into any communication link.
  • It also creates an atmospheric shell around the wielder, allowing them to breathe in space.
  • It not only creates Ultimate aliens, it also creates Supreme aliens.
  • The Ultimatrix Infinity
Ultimatrix Infinity

Ultimatrix Infinity after upgrade




Original 15Edit


Ultimate FormsEdit

Supreme FormsEdit


  • It is the second Ultimatrix to be built, the first belonging to Ben Tennyson.
  • It has more functions than the original Ultimatrix, making it superior.
  • It is level 30 technology, the highest level.
  • The Ultimatrix Infinity is the first of the Omnitrix/Ultimatrixes to have 'Supreme' aliens forms.
  • The Ultimatrix Infinity is so powerful that only the Ultimatrix Z rivals its powers.

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