This is the ultimate version of Ripjaw. He has spikes on his arms and he breathes fire. wich only works out of water. He has a blue devil tail and can open up his chest to reveal a metal rib cage with a ball of pure energy in it. He can use the energy under water and out of water, and the energy glows red. He can shoot gold chains with spikes out the palm of his hands and he has two antenni coming out of his long green hair. He has a ripped grey shirt on and brown baggy pants. He has yellow glowing eyes out of water, but when he goes under water his eyes turn blue to blend in and help him be unseen. His skin is light blue and he has a huge mout with several large fangs all lined up. His teeth are yellow and he has a long, slimey green tongue. He also has pointy ears and can open his mouth as wide as a snake can. His gills are on his abdoment and ooze out red water when he is weak and needs a dip in water to get strong once more. When weak he cannot breathe fire, becaus when he tries, the same red water leaks out of his mouth.Also, when weak, his eyes are light grey and he can't see very good.

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