The person was Jenny. She demanded to know if the aliens had anything going on with Ben. Ben(Echo Echo) tries to run but can't. He confesses that he has a big thing with Ben. She wants to know what. Ben hits the Omnitrix symbol on his chest and transforms back. Jenny faints. Back at Ben's House she wakes up. She sees Ben and his Grandpa. She says she had the weirdest dream. Ben tells her it wasn't. She still thinks it was a dream so he transforms into Brainstorm. She gasp and believes him. They hug it out. Then a Vilgax Mega Drone appears. Ben battles it for about and hour. He electricutes its circuits. He blows up. The Omnitrix times out. The next day Jenny promises not to tell Ben's Secret. Ben 10 episode 10.






Echo Echo



Vilgax Mega Drone

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