Its Halloween. Ben and Jenny are going trick or treating for the last time. At school they must where their costumes to the Halloween party. Ben goes to the party as Chromastone. At the party people take pictures of him. Some people get curious. When the Omnitrix times out he rushes to the Bathroom. After that party Ben gets ready for trick or treating. He goes as Jetray. He meets up with Jenny at the school. They hit many houses. An old lady gives out tick shaped candies. Hours later they are back at Ben's House. He had used multiple forms stopping at every house again. He is about to eat the tick candy when it hatches. The ticks start swarming everywhere. Ben uses Big Chill to freeze all the ticks and then uses Swampfire to melt the ticks. Everyone in the neighborhood had the ticks too. Ben rushes to burn them. The old lady returns throwing the ticks at people. The Omnitrix is about to time out. Ben hides and then gets bug spray and sprays it everywhere. The lady disappears. Ben 10 episode 20







Big Chill





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