Ben and Jenny walk up on a hill. They see a mysterious figure on the other hill. They go to investigate. The alien turns around and attacks. It scratches the Omnitrix. Ben transforms into a creature with eyes all over it. The other alien retreats. Ben follows. The alien shoots lasers at Ben. Ben dodges and does the same. They fight for a while. The Omnitrix times out. Ben runs for it. The creature follows. He sees Chad and Jenny in the distance. Chad goes Fourarms and tackles the creature. It runs off. Back at Ben's house Grandpa is looking for the species. He identifies it. The creature is a Eyitempel. The species have the ability to shoot beams from their eyes. The rouge alien then appears at Ben's house. Ben goes Chromastone and Chad uses XLR8. The tackle the creature. Ben absorbs all his beams. He fires back. Grandpa puts it in the Null Void. Ben 10 episode 19







Eye Guy





Rouge Eyitempel

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