Ben,Gwen and Kevin are vacationing in Albany,when there waitress at the resturaunt comes up to them and asks for the bill.

While Kevin Gives her the money,Ben notices a Omnitrix like object on her wrist. She catches him looking at it and quickly walks away.

Ben says he has to go to the bathroom,but when he gets there, changes to Grey Matter and sneaks out after her.

The waitress gets into her and breaks the speed limit by thirty miles,unknowing that ben is stuck to the windshield wipers of her car.

Then it started to rain. The lady turns on her windshield wipers and ben is helpless swing back in forth across her wind shield. She notices him and and makes a quikc turn to the right. Ben goes flying off into a taxi. A jumps off and changes to XLR8. He moves so fast that no one sees him.

He stays about thirty yards behind her,until she turns down a alley.

She parks her car,and gets out. She hits the Omnitrix device and turns into Four Arms!

She turns around and tackles Ben. They start fighting tooth and nail,meanwhile, Kevin and gwen are getting suspicious. Kevin goes to the bathroom and when no one answers, knocks down the door. When theres no one there,He and Gwen here a loud ruckus in the alley way down the street. When they get there, they Ben grappling with four arms. Kevin Lends a hand, and everything is going fine until, 5 mole people sprout out of the ground. They take Kevin and Gwen captive and the episode ends with be pursuing them down a hidden tunnel.

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