Grandpa takes Ben to an old plumber base in Seatle. There they find a bunch of plumber tech. An explosion is heard. Vilgax jumps out and attacks. Ben transforms into Chromastone. They fight. Vilgax is about to crush Ben when he transforms into Echo Echo. He runs off. He then attacks Vilgax from behind. The Omnitrix times out. Ben runs. Vilgax throws a net at him. He wakes up in an alien base. He is attached to a machine. Vilgax tries to remove the Omnitrix. Ben manages to kick him off. Vilgax is now mad. He is about to kill Ben when Grandpa and some other plumbers blast throw the walls. Ben is freed from the machine and the Omnitrix. He sees it on the ground. Vilgax is about to grab it. Ben kicks it way. Vilgax leaps for it but Ben grabs it. It flies back on his wrist. He transforms into Upchuck. Ben eats all the metal he can fin and spits it at Vilgax. He flies out of the ship. Ben 10 episode 21





Alien HeroesEdit


Echo Echo




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