Ben got home from school. His parents were not home. He grabbed an apple and head outside. He saw what appeared to be a shooting star. He followed it to the woods behind school. It was an armadillo like ball. It opened and revealed a weird watch. He tried to grab it but it launched onto his left arm. He tried to get it off. He press two circular buttons. Nothing. He tried to rectangular buttons. The watch seemed to activate. It revealed a Rocky type creature. He pushed it back down only to have it transform him into it. He wondered around trying to transform into a human again. No luck. A bunch of helicopters started shooting him. He closed his eyes ready for the end. To his surprise it didn't hurt. The tried a flamethrower. He put his hand out to block it but instead he absorbed it. He fired it back. He did the same with the rest of the copters. When the were all destroyed the Omnitrix made a weird noise and flash red. He was human again. He went home. His dad asked him about the watch and Ben said it is just a toy. He grandpa comes and reconizes the Omnitrix. He tells Ben to follow him. Ben sees a bunch of plummer gear. Grandpa says that he should use the Omnitrix for good. He goes to an old shooting base. He transforms into a small alien. He tries using sonar sound because of the aliens appearance. When a powerful wind spins him around other Echo Echos appear. The wind was actually rat like alien. Ben as Echo Echo used his sonar sound to beat him. The Omnitrix times out. Ben is going to use it for good. Ben 10 episode 1





Aliens HeroesEdit


Echo Echo


Rat Alien

Helicopter Pilots

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