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I'm back

Part 6 Edit

"I used this device to make you your smallest creature in your arsenal." Asmuth said. "Kay so I guess I'll call this guy...Pygmy!" Pygmy squeaked. "Well, this guy sucks." He said. He slapped the Demontrix symbol. Vladis stared angrily at Asmuth. "I will destroy you, if it's required so I can get the Demontrix, you pesky human." Asmuth said. "I'm a Galaksias." Vladis said. "Oh. Well, I hate admitting this but, um,..I don't know what that is." Asmuth said. Then a space shuttle landed infront of the three. Vladis' godfather stepped out(he's only 11 people). "Well, bye Ben. Bye Asmuth." Vladis said before soaring off into the stars.

More Words From The Author Edit

Six parts, eight characters, eleven monsters, two trixes, one saga. I hope you enjoyed. If you did't, Braccas meas vescimini! (Readers, check out Cryptrix for more!--Anur Lord 2 21:13, 9 July 2009 (UTC) Anur Lord2 seriosly?!? You can be in Demontrix2.0, But don't advertise please.--Vladis Galaksias 04:04, 9 August 2009 (UTC)

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