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Well, I'm back. Now onwards to Demontrix part 5.

Part 5 Edit

Green and red lights engulfed Vladis and Ben. The lights faded and Vladis was about 5 feet from where he was previously standing. "Ow," Vladis muttered. "What the?" The Demontrix had spread from being a black, fingerless glove with a dull red dial, to a shiny black mesh, with a blood-red dial, Demontrix that covered up all of his arm at and below the elbow. The dial was flashing between Cyc, Phobos, Typhon, Scales, Ketos, Harpy, Barakkas, and a bunch Vladis didn't recognize. Ben, on the other hand, was lying unconscious, the omnitrix laying unattached to Ben's arm next to him. Vladis dragged him inside his house. Then Vladis saw Vilgax running at Vladis. Hand raised to slap the Demontrix, Vladis hesitated when he saw the randomly flickering dial. "This is probably a bad idea" Vladis said before he slapped it. "Pega!" Pega soared at Vilgax, fist pulled back. Pega punched Vilgax in the gut, jumped, and landed on the roof of Ben's house. Vilgax coughed up blood, but because his regulator, it went back into him, causing him to cough even more. Pega slapped the Demontrix symbol. "Spectre!" Spectre flew in a circle around Vilgax, trapping him in Spectre's tail. Spectre started punching Vilgax randomly with his six arms. "You," Spectre head #1 said. "Are," Spectre head #2 said. "Dead!" Spectre head #3 said. Spectre slapped the Demontrix symbol. "Yamati!" Then, Ben's parents came home(I don't know where they were). First, they screamed when they saw Vilgax, then they screamed when they saw Yamati. Then Ben came out holding the omnitrix. He reattached it and slapped the dial. "Way Big!" "Don't step on me!" Yamati bellowed up at Way Big. First Way Big held Vilgax still. Then..."Ahhh!" Vilgax screamed as Yamati swung three of his tentacles at Vilgax, knocking him into space. Way Big and Yamati turned back into Ben and Vladis. Both of Ben's parents fainted. Then a green light shot down in front of the two boys. When the light faded away the boys saw Asmuth. Asmuth held out his hand towards Vladis. "Give me the Demontrix. I require to study it." He said. "Mine." Vladis snapped. "I'll fight you for it." Asmuth snapped back. Vladis bust out laughing. Asmuth calmly took out a device from his pocket. He aimed it at the Demontrix. A red light flashed. Vladis found himself at the same size as Asmuth, wearing the same clothing just smaller, but there was a Demontrix symbol instead of the Demontrix, and he had a mouse nose. "What happened to me?" Tiny Vladis squeaked.

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I'm going to go eat a meal. I'll probably be back later.

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