Words From The Author Edit

Back from school and now I can do a fullsize part.

Part 4 Edit

"Barakkas!" Barakkas charged at Vilgax. Barakkas easily knocked him off his feet, then knocked Vilgax out by slamming his bracer into the side of Vilgax's head. Barakkas lifted Vilgax off the ground then threw him as far as he could. Vilgax landed somewhere out of eyesight(nobody knows where he landed). Barakkas turned back into Vladis. "Okay, that was weird." Ben said. " Well, I guess I should go to ATP(Alien Transportation Program) so I can get a rocket home," Vladis said. "well it was nice meeting you." They shook hands. Then red and green lightning flashed inbetween the Omnitrix and the Demontrix. An annihilating pain shot threw their arms. They screamed.

More Words From The Author Edit

Yes, it's cruel, but I'm cutting off here for a while. Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow.

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