Word From The Author Edit

I read my story of the Demontrix to a friend, and he questioned what happened after Phobos' eyes glowed red. This is the rest of the story from the exact moment I left off...

Part 2 Edit

Suddendy Phobos saw young Vilgax in a room where there was a ton of other Chimera Sui Generises were saying how weak he was and how he was pathetic. Phobos was instantly back in the ship. "So you're worst fear is being underestimated?" Phobos asked Vilgax. Vilgax turned to Phobos. Then Phobos turned back into Vladis. Vilgax charged at Vladis slapped the Demontrix but it had shut down for recharge. Vladis ran. "Come on!" Vladis shouted at the Demontrix. "Give me something I can work with!" The Demontrix automatically changed into Scales. Smiling at his new form, Scales charged at Vilgax. Vilgax quickly beat him. Scales turned back into Vladis. "Uh" Vladis said as he slapped the glove. "Ketos!" Ketos charged at Vilgax but stopped. "Can't....breath." Ketos choked out. Ketos slapped the Demontrix symbol. "Typhon!" Typhon blew incinerating winds at Vilgax. He jumped out of the way and the floor melted where he had been standing, leading to the vaccum of space. Typhon was quickly blown out. Typhon turned back into Vladis. Vladis, who was sufficating without air, desperately slapped the Demontrix. <-Harpy!-> Harpy teleshouted(lack of a better term). <-Cool-> Harpy thought as he soared towards the the nearest planet. The planet was Earth. Oddly, the house he landed infront of was none other than Ben Tennyson's house. Seeing what looked like an alien that one of his enemies had sent to kill him, he went Stinkfly and tackled Harpy in midair. Harpy, clearly confused, landed and turned back into Vladis. Stinkfly saw this and also landed and changed back into Ben. "Who are you?" Ben asked.

More Words From The Author Edit

I must stop here. I have typers cramp and where I am at it is nearly 11 pm. Part 3 comes soon.

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