The Demontrix 2.0: Council of Trixes Edit

Words From The Author Edit

Okay, So I said that this story would be on my site, but I decided against it. Sue me.

Council of Trixes Edit

The pain was unbearable. It felt as if Vladis' soul was being destroyed from within. Vladis physically felt like he was being tanned by lunarlight(moonlight). His eyeteeth were extending, other teeth crunching and falling out to make room for his newly enlarged fangs. His muscles were growing, becoming stronger, yet more limber, and when the light went away, he easily broke out of his restraints. "Get him!" Guh screeched. Sidalv and the Highbreed lept after him. The entire Demontrix glowed red and it shrunk down into a black ring with a red hourglass shape on his index finger(The ring had the symbol, not his finger, it was the ring on his finger) and blasted the Highbreed back, all in the time it took Sidalv to crash into him. Meanwhile, the Highbreed was going through changes. His white skin turned a shade of cobalt and his red eyes melded into a burning orange, becoming a Highbreed-Coburn mutant. The Demontrix-ring pointed itself at the Highbreed hybrid(Ha) and the mutant began attacking Sidalv. Vladis didn't wait for explainations, he just bolted for the door. When he got out of the door, his feet stuck in front of the first window. "D*mn it, not again!" He yelled as a blue light from space hit him. The first thing Vladis noticed after the light had faded there had been no pain. Second, he was seated at a circular conference table. There were four others seated at the table, one being Ben Tennyson, who's trix had also become a ring. Come to think of it, all of the creatures seated had a trix-ring on their right index fingers. Besides Ben, there was a guy that looked like he was Pisccis Volann-Human hybrid(Pisccis Sapien. Homo Volann. Whatever) wearing a blue trix-ring. Next to him was a purpled haired and eyed girl(his gaze stayed on her longer than the rest) wielding a (no, not purple) grayish-silver trix-ring. Vladis realized that the four of them were all in their fifteens, sixteens. Then he looked at the fifth one at the table. He was ancient, not just compared to the rest of them, I mean, he looked like a skeleton(his eyeless sockets reenforced that) with a thin tarp of skin stretched over his bony frame(then clothed it, of course, because this tale is rated PG-13 for action and language, and if it was clotheless, this would be NC-17) with a trix-ring with golden symbol. "Welcome all," The skeletal man said in a scratchy, yet booming, voice "I give you the first active Council of Trixes for centuries."

More Words From The Author Edit

Well I hoped you enjoyed this install of the saga. See ya for now.

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