Words From The Author Edit

I'm back to my normal computer so I can write regulary again

The Demontrix2.0 part three Edit

When Vladis woke, he saw nothing but blackness. Then images of his monsters started to appear around him, and hundreds he hadn't unlocked. Eventually, the images engulfed him inside a giant cylinder. Some of the images disappeared, a few melted, a couple shrank into nothing, etc. Through the clearing was a door. Vladis opened the door. On the other side he saw a massive valley. Vladis floated through the doorway. "Huh." Vladis said. "Do you know where you are?" a voice asked. "Uh, Twighlight zone?" Vladis replied. A Stranger stepped into Vladis' view. He was wearing a black hooded robe that hid his face. All Vladis could see was his maroon eyes. His hands were hidden with black leather gloves. "I'm here to train you how to use the Demontrix." the Stranger said. Long, straight, smelly, cracks that billowed green smoke(stop laughing now) opened in the ground and they fell.

More Words From The Author Edit

I shall see you again in the Demontrix: Training session

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