Words From The Author Edit

I'm back. On to 2.0 part 2

The Demontrix2.0 part 2 Edit

"Cernu" It roared. Cernu calmly took about three Highbreed with each swipe of it's club. One Highbreed(Highbreed sounds like hybrid, which is a mutant of things, so their name is ironic compared to their belief in 'racial purity') ran up to it and started screaming it in the Highbredec language. Cernu, while speaking in every language, did not understand almost every language. So, Cernu just smacked it into the ground. Then more Warships arived. Then the Demontrix timed out. One particularlly small ship landed. Out of it walked the Highbreed Supreme, Vilgax, and a boy that the fog covered. When the fog cleared, the boy looked exactly like Vladis. "I am Sidalv of the Cosmos, and it is time for you to die." The boy said to Vladis. "Oh no." Vladis said before passing out.

More Words From The Author Edit

Ha! Didn't expect a Vladis duplemung dopplemonger look-alike. See you... whenever.

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