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I'm finally back.

Vilgax Rising Edit

A red light flashed. "Wow" Vladis said. He found he was strapped to a bed with a dream machine helmet on his head. "Darn it," Vilgax said looming over him "we didn't get it of him before he woke." Vladis also saw a Highbreed, Sidalv, and the Stranger in the room. "Help me" Vladis said to the Stranger. "You don't get it, do you?" the Stranger said. He tore of his robes. Vladis saw a tall, skinny man wearing a 19th century three piece suit. His skin had a slight blue tint to it. "I'm Galahad Coleridge, but I'm also called Uriel Spenser and Hanzi Cromwell. Call me Guh." He said. "More like Ugh" Vladis said. Guh snarled. His eyeteeth were sharp and two inches longer than they should be. "I am a Vladite, same as you." Guh said. "I'm a Galaksias" Vladis said confused. "Your mother was a senator for the Galaksias, you father was the High Vampiric Lord, the position which I currently hold. Your parents disappeared before your father was to be executed for the crime of interbreeding. So I plan to hold you responsible. Your powers shall show up any minute now so you can be put an a Vladite court." Guh said. "Huh?" Vladis barely managed to squeak out before a black light from space blasted him.

More Words From The Author Edit

See you soon. Go to to read about the aliens from ben 10 and the Demontrix.

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