Words From The Author Edit

I like Pi, but hate pie.

Training Session Edit

"Okay, you're trapped in a grassy valley by a Pyronite. Who do you go?" the Stranger asked. "Uh...... Trappern!" Vadis shouted. " No. Trappern is highly flammable. Cthonus is the best because of his water shooting abilitys. Now we move onto obstacle courses in other realms." the Stranger said. "Before we do, I need some answers." Vladis said. "Vladis, we've been here for almost a month. What don't you know?" the Stranger asked. "One, Why do you wear that outfit? Two, where are we? And Three, why can't I transform?" Vladis asked. "I can't answer number one at this time. The answer to number two is we're in the Demontrix. And the answer to number two explains the answer to number three," The Stranger said "Now onto Frez, place of Hawkan's origin.

More Words From The Author Edit

Well, off they go. See you in part two.

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