Words From The Author Edit

If you remember from my last story I said Vladis and the Demontrix would be back in 5 years, in the time of the Alien Force. So, I made 5 years pass in five weeks. Sue me.

The Demontrix2.0 Edit

" Ready, aim," 16 year old Vladis said to the Galaksias army, preparing to fire at a Highbreed warship. "Fire!" Five minutes later, the army ran out of ammunition and the warship still stood. Well, flew. You know what I mean. Vladis, seeing this, activated the Demontrix. The Demontrix had spread so that it covered Vladis' whole arm and had curved upwards some so it covered some of the left side of his head and replaced his entire left eye. Instead of a dial, his eye that was removed by the Demontrix was replaced with a red orb and he can transform by thought. <-Harpy-> Harpy telethought. Harpy flew above the warship and again transformed. "Yamati" shouted as he came crashing down on the ship. When the ship crash-landed, all the Highbreed came pouring out of the wreck. Yamati then transformed.

More Words From The Author Edit

I'm sorry for ending this story so soon after being away so long but, I'm using a really old computer so it can't stay on much longer. I won't tell you who Vladis turns into next, but I will tell you this. It's somebody that's new.

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