While traveling Out of Jublelife city, AlphaRay encounters A Weird bunch known as the NinjaKlan or Team galatic. AlphaRay battles them, and then it's smooth sailing over to florminda town with a few Battles along the way



  • icezilla
  • Mightydog
  • HellFire

(Ray's alien info)

icezilla: Looks like a miniature Godzilla, only 10 feet tall, and breaths ice instead of fire. He is made of ice, and can project ice as spikes, create weapons, etc. He is impervious to fire, cold, water, and can absorb poison. With his control over ice, he can freeze anything, even time for short periods, and blood. Comes from Pluto. Superstrong, durable, and deadliness is off the chart. Can fire icecycles, snowballs, and iceballs. And he can cause spikes, solid walls, patches on the ground, statues, MOVING statues, and even bridges out of solid, long lasting ice. Believed that his power is the ability to negate heat, rather than create cold. Can turn into a comet, and destroy spaceships. can not be drowned. Able to survive in atmospheres as harsh as Venus, or as pathetic as Mercury. He does not breath. he also has the ability to bend light around him to make him seem invisable, and can melt and stretch its limbs.

hellfire- an mutant that can completely controll all 1,200 elements, he comes from neptune and looks like ghoastrider, exept for flames they are white, his white flame's change according to whatever element he is controlling, he gains the weakness of the current element he is controlling

name: mightydog

alphatronix no: 112,875,223,221

description: a hoondoom (horns ans spikes)mightyena (grey ears,sharp teeth)german shepered(12,000 preesure poisoinus bite) and husky(moastly golden exept for the white on its snout tip of its tail underbelly and paws. he also has a ghiant diamond on his forehead

alphatronix symbol: near his neck

abilities: can run at great speeds brethes fire has poisoinus fangs dissaperes in the shadows

disavantages: biteing itself will cause poisoining the only cure demorph

avantages: ups attack if near fire

based from: hoondoom mightyena from pokemon


What kind of Adults are you? wearig those ties- Professor Rowan

Is it me, or is your boss running low on budget money for minions- AlphaRay (as IceZillia)

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