Simia SimiitesEdit

Simia Simiites are a type of species called Simiites. Simia Simiites live on a planet called Simia. Simia Simiites are all small with long arms. Their fur can be any color. They have four eyes, and a sideways mouth above his nostrils. They also have excellent hearing. Simia Simiites can:

  • hear ultrasound frequencies (really high-pitched sounds)
  • hear infrasound frequencies (really low-pitched sounds)
  • have elastic arms that can stretch up to half a mile
  • smell things that are miles away
  • can see all the waves of the electromagnetic spectrum


Monthly, Simia Simiites' arms grow short, and their bodies become bigger. This can be viewed as both a weakness and a strength.


Simia is a planet with lush-green forests. Simia Simiites live in herds with a king and a queen. They live in different parts of the planet, and they are put into different groups. One large area of the planet is inhabited by Micrans.

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