The future son of Ben and (Girlfriend, NOT A BEN 10 GIRL)

Shen 10


Fusion with Cannonbolt and Benwolf to create Cannonwolf

Shen 10 is a 10 year old boy who found the Omnitrix 3.0.He has an addition of 11 aliens and knows the code to upgrading the Omnitrix 3.0 in to it's ultimate form but he only uses it during dangerous emergincies like Vilgax attacking no like Overlord attacking Ben.He is very smart and has very rich parents. He has a 16 year old sister who tends to pick on him alot.He is very powerful and has good grades and straight A s in school.He has a setting in the Omnitrix 3.0 called The Fusion Setting and he can fuse any alien he wants and the only thing he can't do with the Omnitrix 3.0 is turn ultimate but he makes up for it with fusion. Shen does not want his idenity to be reveled so he gets a banddana and ties it around his mouth but he can still breath.

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