Scarab is an insectoid alien in the Zetatrix.


Scarab is appears as a two meter tall red beetle. He has four arms, each ending in three claws, claw like legs and wings. He has no neck, his head juts out of his body. His head has antennae, six black eyes, a vertical mouth and a white ring around the face. Located in the palm of each hand is a small hole.


Scarab is capable of flight, has enhanced strength (being able to lift up to 30 tons), have enhanced senses thanks to their antennae and are capable of firing balls of superheated energy from their hands. The plasma can reach temperatures of up to 30,000 degrees Celsius.


Scarab becomes unable to fly if his wings get wet, becomes disorientated if his antennae get wet and loses his ability to shoot plasma if liquids get into his plasma generators through the holes in his hands.


Scarab come from the planet Karabos and is an Ignis Coleopteran. Karabos is a harsh desert planet where the inhabitants live in mud brick houses and huts. The share the planet with the Sochet, a reptilian race that is more technologically advanced than they are. Large pyramids litter the landscape, serving as temples and occasionally fortresses and palaces. Ignis Coleopterans are as advanced as Humans.

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