This is a story about Ben (now 13) has goes on vacation to Sand City with his Grandpa Max and Cousin Gwen. While there they discover Sand City is shown to be attraction for many dastardly aliens. Maybe this vacation to Sand City, may be more interesting than it seems?

Characters Edit

Ben, Gwen, Max, Mr. Rick (Mayor of Sand City), Dylan (Ben's new friend), Weasel and Rocker (Bullies), Sandbox (Ben's new alien)

Season 1 Episodes Edit

  1. 1- Sand City or Bust
  1. 2- Blast from the Past
  1. 3- Tribe of the Crimson Dragon
  1. 4- Chill Out!
  1. 5-
  1. 6-
  1. 7-
  1. 8-
  1. 9-
  1. 10-
  1. 11-
  1. 12- Orin-Ten pt. 1
  1. 13- Orin-Ten pt. 2

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