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SPRSPD is Xaxon's Kineceleran (a species from the planet Kinet) form, just as XLR8 is Ben's Kineceleran form. He appears as a reptillian creature with black skin. He has a bluish-gray stripe down the middle of its upper and lower torso. His feet are mainly black, but the toes are the same color as the stripe on its torso. He has bluish-gray stripes on its upper arms, tail, wrists, and ankles. He has green, almond-shaped eyes on his blue face, which can be covered by a visor with a large, vaguely, x-shaped, bluish-gray window through which he can see. He runs around by quickly spinning small, spherical blue wheels between his toes. His head is shaped like half of a large black almond, or something similar. His Protomnitrix Symbol is on his shoulder.


SPRSPD can run at speeds of more than 500 miles per hour. From his perspective, time is running extremely slowly, but from other's perspective, he is running extremely fast. He can cut through numerous types of metal and other solid surfaces with his extra-shap claws. He has a long, thick, strong tail which he can use as a weapon. The visor on his face is outfitted with cybernetic enhancements (like a video camera, a species analysis machine, and so on).


  • SPRSPD's name is patterned after XLR8's name. As XLR8 is accelerate, SPRSPD is superspeed.

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