In an alternate future, S'ven McCoy gains the Omnitrix. He takes on the name S'ven 10. He is born in Russia to two plumbers. He found a damaged Uxorite (similar to Xlene) who was dying from a crash. He helped her as best he could and before she died, she gave his the Omnitrix.

In his Omnitrix, he currently has 10 aliens

Ex-Plode- Is a black and yellow chubby bomb alien. It has a circle shaped head with a fuse ponytail. It can fire green beams from its hands and explode. After it explodes the Omnitrix's energy runs out and S'ven returns to normal. It's species is unknown

Energex- Is a Anodite species. It can fire energy blasts and fly. It can also create shields, barriers, copies, etc out of energy.

Unagi- Is a unknown species from Pisciss Volan. They are snake/eel like creatures that shoot ink from a tube under their tounge. They have incredibly strong jaw's and can only survive underwater

Musclehead- Is a Detrovite (Like Vulcanus and Technorg). He wears brown cyber armor and has a cannon on his left arm. he has a wide jaw with two fang like appendages on the sides of his mouth.

Behemoth- Is a Chimera Sui Generis (VIlgax's race). It is smaller than vilgax and has less tentacles over his mouth. While in this form, S'ven has an urge to eat raw meat.

Wavelngth- Is a Sonorsian (similar to Echo-Echo). It is bigger than a regular Sonorsian and has stiches over its body. It's eyes are grey instead of green and Wavelength has a higher pitched voice.

S'kar- Is of the Highbreed species. It looks like a regular Highbreed. As a Highbreed can shoot black spikes and fire beams of purple light at the target.

Extremo- Is a To'kustar (Similar to Way Big). Unlike Waybig, Extremo is blue and not red and is smaller than Waybig.

Franken- Is a Transylian (like Benvictor) that has a paller color than hte regular race. It has two extra conductors on its back and a longer mullet. He emits red energy instead of green.

Glob- Is a Mudpuppy. It can morph, change shape and split like the rest of its species.

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