Ryuki is a 14-year-old boy from the series Ryuki Tennos:Operation Z.

Appearance & BiodataEdit

Ryuki usually wears a red shirt under a green jacket. He does not get great grades,and usually gets an E-(the highest grade he got without anyone's help was a C+)in an unofficial test. In Season 2,he sported a green vest above a white shirt. He is dating Ami Katsuri. His hobby is playing soccer. He has black hair. He also did kendo, and now he can use a real katana. He has yellowish-green eyes.


He is a brave person and would do anything to save innocent people. Despite that,he has a very short temper and loses it when he is insulted. His cousin, Yukina Tennos, calls him a jerk, and he can't stand being with her. He is very rude, at one point picking his nose during a soccer club meeting, making Ami Katsuri hit him.

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