Rhinoworm is a Cerotidaricinan from Cerotidaricina. Cerotidaricinans are aliens that have two massive horns on their heads. They have purple and white skin, and are very long. Cerotidaricinans can:

  • have elasticity
  • have super strength
  • can tunnel underneath the ground
  • can inject venom into their enemy
  • can withstand temperatures no more than 15,000 degrees fahrenheit.


Cerotidaricinans are very ground-based, so being in the air is a big disadvantage.


Cerotidaricina is a ground-based planet. Some of the highest mountains are on Cerotidaricina. This planet has rock forests and huge plains--the Ceroridaricinans love it. They have enough room to tunnel underground. Underneath the rock planet's crust there are huge colonies underground--and the temperature is pretty high down there.

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