This is part of the Ben 10:Alone series.


This episodes resumes exactly where The Land of Subterannea left off. Ben,in the form of xlr8,chases after the Mole People. They are leading him underground,into there lair. After several minutes,Ben catches up to one of them and throws it behind him. The Mole People lead him into a giant stronghold. Thousands of other molepeople are now chasing Ben,while he chases another group of Mole people. When they get to a giant metal bridge,Ben jumps and lands in front of the mole people. One of them grabs a sleeping Gwen and throws over the edge,into a river of magma. Ben changes to Stink Fly and throws himself after her,catching her a hairsbreadth before she hits the lava. Then he is shot by a mole person and goes unconscious

When Ben awakes,He,Kevin and Gwen are all strapped to small metal tables. There is a giant needle pointed over the Omnitrix, descending slowly. Ben tries to Struggles , but the leader of the mole people, Larazo,tells him that if he stops his friends will be spared. Then when the needle is a inch away ,Ben breaks the bonds(they were linen) and punches the mole leader in the face, effectively knocking him out. He then tries to change into a alien,but his Omnitrix is out of power,so he grabs a broken metal piece from the floor and smashes a giant machine in the middle of the room. His Omnitrix glows red and he gets ten new aliens. Then the machine's reactor explodes. Sending Ben rocketing to the surface. Ben can only fear the worst.

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