Plazmatazz as the first alien Con ever turned into. He is a Statilectran from the planet Conducton.

Info Edit

Appearence Edit

Plazmatazz's body is composed of green electricity that is humanoid in shape. It's held together by a metal harness that covers the front of his torso, his knees, his wrists, and his face. The Exitrix symbol is on the front of his faceplate.

Abilities Edit

  • Plazmatazz can fire electrical bolts from any part of his harness.
  • Plazmatazz can leave his harness to travel a lighting speed or travel thrugh metal walls, wires, etc.
  • Plazmatazz can gain power through electrical power sources; ex: Lightning, generators, etc.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Cannot travel through or affect wood or rubber.
  • If his entire harness is underwater, he'll temporarily short circuit himself.

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