Ben and Jenny get forms to a school field trip to the famous golf course, Minny Putt Mann. They decide  to go for the heck of it. The trip was tomorrow. Grandpa awares Ben that a group of Flourna are near. He goes Jetray and sees what is going on. The flourna attack him. He uses his lasers to defeat them. The watch times out and Ben walks home. On the bus for the field trip some guys taunt Ben. Unable to use his power Ben just ignores them. Jenny tells them to knock it off. When they get their the place is rundown. To figure out what happened Ben slips away and uses Brainstorm to find anything. A zombie like figure appears and the two duel. Brainstorm knocks it out and the watch is about to time out. Ben retreats fast. When he returns to the group they look like they were in a trance. The start attacking Ben. He runs away. He uses Spidermonkey to fight them off. When they are knocked out they return to normal. Ben defeats them all. He transforms to normal. They go back home. Ben ask Grandpa about the zombie person. Grandpa doesn't know. Ben 10 episode 5





School Kids

Alien HeroesEdit






Zombie person

Zombiefied school kids

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