Omnitrix X: Galactic Rush is the Movie for the series Omnitrix X. Inbetween the Second and Third series the 3 Heroes are sent into Space to destroy the final Respawning Base. Travelling to different planets and collecting new Aliens on the way.



A base explodes. What was thought to be the Final Base is now destroyed. Riding on Klark transformed into Steam Engine to escape the blast, the team don't celebrate for long. DNAliens start to swarm onto Steam Engine. Luke transforms into Goop and Will into Jitzu to fight them. Klark's Omnitrix X times out, causing him to be Klark again and the team to fight the DNAliens on foot. Strangely, the start to multiply. It turns out the base they just destroyed was a fake and they have to get to a space station to catch up with the real one. The DNAliens are all knocked out and the team turn to normal. Luke then transforms to Electroshocker and bullet off with Klark and Will in his Magnetivity Field to the Space Station. The opening credits are displayed.

The trio stay at a nearby hotel but before they can relax, the place starts to get torn apart by DNAliens. Luke transforms into Cannonbolt, Will into Swampfire and Klark into Chromastone. Before they can defeat them all, the hotel is in deep danger of destruction. So Cannonbolt turns back to Luke and then into Stopwatch to stop time and save everyone before finishing off the DNAliens with Swampire and Chromastone as Luke. The building collapses and Chromastone generates a shield around the three, leaving the DNAliens squashed.

Later on, walking to find travel, a huge vehicle pulls up infront of them. It's an RV and Fen Tennyson is inside. She offers then a lift and wants to know whats been happening. After having listened to the situation, Fen starts to speak. If it wernet for 6 DNAliens guarding the entrance to the Space Station. Luke transforms into Nanomech to shrink and deactivate the security system. Will and Klark then transform into Eye Guy and Chromastone respectivley to destroy the DNAliens. The three then say bye to Fen and head for the Space Shuttle.


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