Omnitrix X: Fusion is the Fifth Series of Omnitrix X. In it, Klark has left the team to find Asmuth CXV (Asmuth the 125th) after his Omnitrix X Malfunctioned and Shut Down and he is replaced by a new character Darren. Luke and Will's Omnitrix X's have been upgraded and turned into Omnitrix FS Models and Darren gets a strange Omnitrix called the Vamitrix which allows him to turn into Vampire Versions of his Aliens.. It is rumored at the end of the Series, Luke will only be left and with a new Omnitrix X Model.

This series introduces a new concept of Fusion where 2 or more pieces of Alien DNA can be merged to create a new Alien. The Omnitrix FS develops or abosrbs Alien DNA in pieces so the user can transform or fuse the alien collected. The first of which happens in Episode 4 when Luke collects all parts of Big Chill and New Alien Marine and fuses them to create Ice Sculpture.

Aliens on Omnitrix FS'sEdit


  • Neo + Ultimate Neo
  • Marine
  • Ice Sculpture (Marine + Big Chill DNA)
  • Swampfire
  • Blazeaton (Swampfire + Humongasaur DNA)
  • Ultimate Swampfire (Swampfire + Marine)
  • Brainfreeze (Big Chill DNA + Brainstorm DNA)
  • Paradox (Neo + Stopwatch DNA)
  • Spider-Monkey + Ultimate Spider-Monkey
  • King Kong (Ultimate Spider-Monkey + Humongosaur DNA)
  • Space-Fish (Neo + Marine)
  • Cannonbolt + Ultimate Cannonbolt


  • Mummified (Benmummy)
  • Royal Highlord
  • Kahmun (Mummified + Royal Highlord)
  • Computer Bug
  • Interweb (Computer Bug + Spidermonkey DNA)
  • Steam Engine (Humongasaur DNA + Computer Bug DNA + Electroshocker)
  • Electroshocker
  • Unibig (Way Big DNA + Humongasaur DNA)
  • Transformer (Steam Engine + Interweb)


  • Four-Fangs (Vampire Four-Arms)
  • Vampchuck (Vampire Upchuck)
  • Monkeypire (Vampire Spider-Monkey)
  • Blood Chill (Vampire Big Chill)
  • Vampified (Vampire Mummified)

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