The omnitrix

Omnitrix Version One

Omnitrix Version One is episode one of the series Ben 10: Fusiontrix. It starts off with Ben showing Cooper his collections of Omnitrixes,"What's this one" Cooper said. "Oh you don't remeber it, it's the first Omnitrix I've ever found' Ben said. Then Gwen and Kevin knock on the door of Ben's house. "Coming!" Ben said.Then Gwen and Kevin come in. "Hey collector" Kevin says. I told you to stop calling me that Kevin. Then, Ben's mom asks the kids"Does anyone want cookies, I know Kevin wants some", "Thanks for offering"Kevin says "But no thanks". "Why are you here" said Ben "We need the first version of the Omnitrix" Gwen said. "My mom was attacked by Eightdrills" said Kevin "He was looking for me but I drove him a way for a while" Kevin said "I'll wear the Omnitrix" Gwen said again. Then Gwen and Kevin go after Eightdrills and deafeat him.

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