Vilgax attacks the school. Ben uses Jetray to shoot him back into the Null Void. When Jenny sees Jetray she starts taking pictures. Vilgax is put back in the Null Void. Jetray flies off and transforms back. Jenny ask Ben if he saw him. Ben said he "DIDN'T". The next day Vilgax's Drones appear and start shooting everywhere. Ben hides and transforms into Chromastone. He fires the lasers back at the Drones. They climb on Chromastone trying to kill him. He gets the off and destroys them. He goes somewhere to transform back. Jenny follows him. She gets suspicous. Ben later tells Grandpa about her obsession of his transformations. Later that day a giant robot appears. Ben transforms into Echo Echo. He gets inside and destroys its circuits. Ben leaves and goes to a small alley and is about to transform back when Jenny appears in front of him.Ben 10 episode 9








Echo Echo



Vilgax Drones

Vilgax Robot

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