Category In Omnitrix X In Omnitrix X: Digital Overwrite In Omnitrix X: Fusion
Species Name Unknown Xzyerian (Revealed in Series) Xzyerian
Home Planet Unknown Z (Revealed in Series) Z
First Appearance "Omnitrix X: Galactic Rush"
(Season 2 Episode)
"Alien Error"
(Season 4 Episode)
(Season 5 Episode)
Registered in Omnitrix? Registered in Omnitrix Xs when discovered. Recovered from previous Omnitrix X Memory. Permanently in Luke's Omnitrix FS.
Notable Xzyer's Neo, Alien X(?) Neo Neo, Luke

There is also an Ultimate Neo

Neo is an Alien in Omnitrix X, it's Movie (where he first appeared), Luke: Alien Legend and other fanon. It was originally created for Omnitrix X by Digital Tamer. He is Luke's preferred Alien.

Species and Home PlanetEdit

Neo was discovered by Luke, Will and Klark on the planet Zvezda. He was then transported into Luke's Omnitrix X and is in all 3's in Series 3. His home planet may be Zvezda but he was the only of his kind there. He may be related to Celestialsapiens (Alien X's Species) in that case.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Neo has many abilities and powers. Of which are:

  • Invisibility
  • Gravity Changing Powers
  • Levitation
  • De-Solidifying (Going through things)
  • Black Hole Generating
  • Ability to Breathe in Space

Ultimate FormEdit

Ultimate Neo has the same abilities as Alien X, with only one person in control, so he is easier to use.


Neo looks like a smaller version of Alien X. Without the stars or crown.

Ultimate FormEdit

Neo's Ultimate Form is invisible to the naked eye. You can only see him if you have greater power than it, which no life form has.


Neo is the Alien with the least known about him. In Omnitrix X and it's spinoff, he is Luke's favourite Alien. Neo plays a major role in Luke: Alien Legend

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