Galvan C
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Light Manipulation, Body Manipulation
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Appearance Edit

Mirror is a tall white blob-like creature with multiple azure colored oval shaped items of similar substance. Mirror has two small dotted green eyes with two green ovals shooting from his shoulders, along with a few more around both his wrists and ankles.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Shape Distortion- Mirror has the ability to change its shape and mirror any other object, hence the name. When changing its shape, the green ovals stick out giving away his position when trying to blend in. He has shown to change his arms into weapons, and has even changed his shape into multiple animals as well.
  • Light Bending- Mirror can also bend the light around him via the azure colored ovals that float of his body. This lets him hide from sight, by bending light around him. He has shown to concentrate light energy into beams that can temporarily blind a target.
  • Regeneration- If apart of Mirror's body is blown off or destroyed, he can easily reshape another arm, leg or any other body part in its place. This is mainly due to the odd substance he is made of.

Background Edit

An experiment of the Galvan's, the Refelactor were made to bend the light around Galvan to hide them during war. The planet Galvan C, was constructed as a moon that rotated around Galvan's main homeworld. In a time of crisis, the Refelactor would bend the light around Galvan Prime, making the planet disappear from sight. Since the war with the Highbreed has ended, the Refelactor have had the time to keep off of duty and rest.

Trivia Edit

  • Their name Refelactor is similar to the words Reflect and Reactor.

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