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Maxwell Joel "Maxie" Tennyson
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Maxie is the son of Joel and Camille Tennyson, a Plumber-alien couple whose marriage brought peace between the humans and the Sludepuppies. He was born around a year after the wedding.


Maxie is Joel and Camille's young boy, named after Joel's Uncle Max. Sometimes, Joel's cousin Carl and his wife Sandra will babysit Maxie.

Maxie is a lovable little tyke, though he can also be a real handful at times. He can also eat a lot; Ben has once jokingly warned that Maxie could eat you out of house and home (though, that was a bit of an exaggeration even by the expression's usual implications). Though he means well, Maxie has a habit of making things more complicated than they need to be.

Maxie has black hair and violet eyes. He wears a green t-shirt, purple pants, and sneakers. His preferred "sludge form" resembles that of a purple Pac-Man ghost with arms.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Like the Sludges on his mom's side, Maxie's body is made out of a mud-like substance with shapeshifting properties such as turning into a human being. However, his dad's human DNA makes his human form more solid than a normal Sludge's would be. Other abilities include elasticity shaping her hands into weapons as well as super strength. Being as young as he is, Maxie doesn't have complete control of his powers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Maxie is imagined to be voiced by Ben's original voice actor, Tara Strong, sounding much like Ben's four-year-old self.


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