Season 1Edit

The main villain of Season 1 is Zeridius. The First series mainly focuses on Max getting into the role of being a hero. Azmuth sets to work on an even more powerful version of the Ultimatrix, which Max will acquire on completion

Number Title Enemy Quick Summary
1 Max Tate Rises (Part 1) None (Introduces characters) The Omnitrix Z falls to Earth, and it chooses its user, Max Tate.
2 Max Tate Rises (Part 2) Zeridius Omnitrix Z upgrades into the Ultimatrix Infinity.
3 Minor Update Ya' loki Max comes face-to-face with an Arburi Mechvanic.
4 the Secret of Primeval Zeridius
5 Max meets the mysterious time traveller, Mr Infinity.
6 Zeridius
8 Zeridius
9 Zeridius
11 (Part 1) Zeridius
12 (Part 2) Zeridius
13 (Part 3) Zeridius


Title Enemy Quick Summary
Ben 10: Galactic Alien Zeridius Max aswell as Ben and Co. are abducted by a mysterious alien and forced to fight. But when they escape they must stop Zeridius once and for all.

Followed by:Edit

Max Tate: Ultimate Evolution

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