Species Name Unknown
Home Planet Many inhabited
First Appearance "Omnitrix X: Galactic Rush"
(Season 2 Episode)
Appearance See Below
Abilities See Below.
Registered in Omnitrix? Registered in Omnitrix Xs when discovered.
Notable of this Species Kevin Levin, Levin

Levin is an Alien in Omnitrix X, it's Movie (where he first appeared), Luke: Alien Legend and other fanon. It was originally created for Omnitrix X by Digital Tamer.

Species and Home PlanetEdit

Whilst travelling through space in Omnitrix X: Galactic Rush, the team come across a new planet with many of a species, but one imparticular looks different. This is one of Levin's Species. He was then registered in the Omnitrix X.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Levin has one power. Which is:

  • Transform into Whatever Material he touches.


Levin never has a fixed form. When transformed into he is already the material he is stood on.


Kevin Levin is one of these Species, making him an Alien.

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