Len 10 Season 1Edit

Len+10=Len 10Edit

Ben Tennyson's grandson, Len is having his fourteenth birthday and Grandpa Ben promises a suprise. Len wakes u and finds an Omnitrix on his bedstand. Overjoyed, Len goes on a joyride and ends up defeating a villian, Ol' Ironsides. Puffed up, Len declares himself hero of the city. Villian: Ol' Ironsides


Dared by another Anodite, an Anodite kidnaps Len and takes him to Anodine. His cousins, Jen and Devin, alert Gwen who ends up having to save Len. He asks Jen and Devin to join him as a group of heroes. Villian: None

Swarmed and DangerousEdit

Vilmax comes to Earth to get the legendary Sword of Garm, an alien artifact that was lost years ago that controls a mystical swarm of huge flying aliens. Villian: Vilmax

Going to the DogsEdit

A tough city kid, Boost, finds out that he can change into a Wildmutt and Len asks him to join Him and save the day. Villian: Infinity Knights

Gone With the WindEdit

Vilmax hires a bounty hunter to eliminate Len. Villian: Dustdevil

Meet the AliensEdit

During a lengthy fight with Vilmax, Len's Omnitrix times out. Vilmax then tries to remove the Omnitrix but instead the Omnitrix sends out a blast that blows Vilmax away. Unfortunately, the blast also let out Len's ten aliens, each with a part of his character! [You know, like Mastermind evil, Riptide boastful and big-headed] They then scatter all over the town and Len, Jen, Devinand Boost Villian: Vilmax and Len's ten aliens

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